Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week - 21 Weeks Pregnant

Baby's moving and sleeping
What is the size of your child? He's 1012 inches long and weights 11 to 1212 ounces, around the size of a big banana, when measured from crown to rump to crown to heel.

Your growing baby still has plenty of room in your womb, but, like anybody who has lived in the same place for a long time, this occupant will soon feel crowded.
There's plenty of space for spinning, flipping, and even the odd somersault before those uterine walls start closing in, so that's what you were feeling last night!

It's hard to imagine your kid is having some sleep at all with all the belly dancing going on. Your fetus, believe it or not, rests as much as a newborn. Now if you could just get a rest yourself!
21 weeks pregnant is how many months?
You're in month 5 of your pregnancy if you're 21 weeks old. There are just four months left!
Baby's taste buds develop
Speaking of milestones, whatever you eat this week is likely to be tasted by your kid as well. Since your infant swallows a tiny amount of amniotic fluid per day when you're 21 weeks pregnant, not just for nutrients and hydration, but also to practice swallowing and digestion, skills he'll need as soon as he's in your arms
Bear in mind that the flavor of the amniotic fluid depends based on what you've eaten the day before — hot enchiladas one day, soft banana the next. Your baby's taste buds are still very mature, so the smorgasbord of flavors won't be lost on him.
In reality, studies have shown that babies who were exposed to those tastes through the amniotic fluid in the womb were more keen to consume foods with those flavors after birth. Do you like your peanut to eat his broccoli when he's older? Now is the time to devour yours!
Baby's getting coordinated
At 21 weeks pregnant, the little action figure will choreograph Matrix-style movements. Arms and legs are finally proportioned, nerves within the brain and muscles are now linked, and cartilage in the body is converting to bone.
All of these improvements work together to give your kid greater leverage over his or her limb movements, which explains all of the kicking, stretching, and bodysurfing (or maybe bellysurfing) you've seen.
Your Body at Week 21
Stretch marks
Your baby may be beginning to leave his imprint — in the shape of stretch marks — all over your chest, ass, legs, hips, and breasts at 21 weeks pregnant. When your body grows and your tummy and breasts continue to rise, the supportive tissue under your skin tears, resulting in pink, red, purple, reddish-orange, or dark brown streaks.
Stretch marks impact at least one of every two women, but you're more likely to get them if your mother got them during her pregnancy. Rapid weight growth will also lead to stretch marks, which is yet another excuse to gain weight slowly and gradually, at a rate of around a pound per week these days.
These lines appear as crimson, pink, or brown stripes at first, depending on your complexion and the genes you acquired, and disappear with time.
Unfortunately, there is no known way to avoid stretch marks from zigzagging their way around the body (though there's no risk in using moisturizers like cocoa butter, which can at the very least prevent the dryness and scratching associated with pregnancy-stretched skin).
Is there any positive news to report? Here's the thing: they won't all be so vibrantly colored. They normally fade to a less visible hue after delivery.
Relieving anxiety
The irony of breastfeeding is actually beginning to set in now that you're starting to look pregnant — and not just like you had a particularly big lunch — and those kicks can't be mistaken for gas.

You might also discover a few ambivalent or nervous thoughts that you're hesitant to admit: I'm a mother? There must be a blunder! Don't be concerned — and hold tight.
About every expectant mother and parent experiences distress and panic at some stage during birth, normally until the pregnancy becomes a very clear fact — almost as if they're on a runaway train with massive changes coming around the corner.
Not only is it perfectly natural to feel nervous, but it's also beneficial to accept it. Talk to your mates who have had children about how you're feeling; they'll tell you that they have similar feelings. Perhaps importantly, talk about your concerns with your girlfriend, who is likely in need of a real heart-to-heart as well.