Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week - 17 Weeks Pregnant

Baby's practicing sucking and swallowing
What a difference a year makes! Your infant is about the size of your thumb, or about 5 inches long, and weights 5 ounces or more. Body fat (the baby's) is starting to develop and will begin to build up until the end of your pregnancy — welcome to the club, baby!
Baby's heart is now regulated by the hippocampus, meaning there are no more erratic beats, and it beats at a rate of 140 to 150 beats per minute, which is almost twice as rapid as yours.
And, since practice makes better, your baby is honing his sucking and swallowing abilities in anticipation of his first...and second...and third suckle at your breast or cup. In reality, the majority of your baby's survival reflexes are currently being honed in the womb.
17 weeks pregnant is how many months?
You're in month 4 of your pregnancy if you're 17 weeks old. There are just 5 months left!
Fingerprints are forming
As if you wanted some more evidence that your kid is genuinely special, here it is! The pads on your baby's fingers and toes will become decorated with entirely unique swirls and creases, aka fingerprints, over the next week or so.
Your Body at Week 17
Here come the tummy touchers!
Mates, coworkers, and even strangers may feel compelled to reach out and stroke your tummy now that you're starting to display. That's fine if you don't mind. If you do speak up, do so gently but strongly.

More changes in the body: a mild vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) and heightened susceptibility to allergens are both perfectly natural these days.
Your growing appetite
Remember that you couldn't eat anything but ginger ale and a cracker because you were too sick? Thankfully, the toilet-hugging days and nights are likely behind you. And, luckily, today it's more likely that you won't be able to eat plenty.
The second trimester provides relief from morning sickness as well as a healthy appetite for most women. At 17 weeks pregnant, don't be shocked if you unexpectedly feel hungry enough to devour a big cut of steak or a whole tray of baked ziti.
What's the source of your increased appetite? Simply put, you're listening to prompts from your growing and hungry kid. Do you have any questions about how much weight you can gain through pregnancy? Consult a doctor, who will be able to assist you with maintaining a stable weight gain. If you didn't gain enough weight or lost weight during the first trimester, he or she will help you catch up.
Stop snoring
Is there a single unexplainable pregnancy symptom? The snoring! But don't worry: the stuffiness that causes world-champion snoring is normal — and just lasts a few minutes. That's right, birth hormones have an effect on your nose as well!
Place a humidifier in your bedroom, use one of those nasal strips to loosen up your nasal passages, or sleep on a pair of pillows to raise your head somewhat. What if your wife objects? For the night, confine him or her to the sofa; it's more important that you have a full night's sleep.