Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week - 16 Weeks Pregnant

Baby's eyes are working
Your infant is now weighing 3 to 4 ounces and measuring 4 to 5 inches in circumference. Her backbone and small muscles are improving, helping her to straighten out her head and neck ever further.

Even at this young age, your baby will make a few expressive frowns and squints thanks to her developing facial muscles.
Her eyes are now starting to function, making tiny side-to-side motions and detecting light, despite the fact that her eyelids are still closed. Sneak a glimpse!
16 weeks pregnant is how many months?
You're in month 4 of your pregnancy if you're 16 weeks old. There are just 5 months left!
Baby's skin is transparent
Your fetus is still having a looker — with a face that's beginning to look more normal — but it's a slim looker, so there's still no baby fat. Here's the lowdown on baby skin: It's almost transparent now, because you could see your baby's blood vessels beneath the thin skin if you peered into your uterus.
Baby can hear your voice
Pay attention: At 16 weeks pregnant, tiny bones in your fetus' ears are in place, making it possible the baby will hear your voice (or anything close to it) as you talk. In reality, tests have shown that babies who hear a song when in the womb remember the same melody as it is sang to them after birth — so keep that in mind while choosing lullabies.
Your Body at Week 16
Rapid growth
Your uterus is developing at around the same rate as your baby's at 16 weeks pregnant — which is pretty darn quick! — and you will not be able to conceal your pregnancy much longer, even though you wanted to.
You're probably still loving trimester two's relative bliss, particularly as compared to trimester one, and will soon be able to see more of your baby at your ultrasound in a few weeks.
Your 16 weeks pregnant belly
At 16 weeks pregnant, your bump might have reached the point that it's obvious there's a baby inside. Your weight gain, as well as your baby's, has definitely increased, and you'll both continue to gain weight. At 16 weeks, though, every baby bump is unique — and perfectly natural. Some ladies, believe it or not, are still undetectable at 16 weeks pregnant, while others have noticeable bumps.
The vast range of baby bumps can be due to a woman's size and form, as well as whether this is her first, second, third, or fourth birth. Don't equate your 16-week-pregnant belly to someone else's, and don't be too concerned. All is well! If you're really worried, or if you're not sure how big or small you are, speak to the doctor for some reassurance.
Nasal congestion
Your uterus isn't the only organ that's growing in size. All of the pregnancy hormones circulating in your bloodstream, which are also increasing blood flow, will affect the mucous membranes of your nose. What's the end result? Pregnancy cough and potentially nosebleeds are something the nose is certainly already aware of. 
Unfortunately, the stuffiness can worsen as the pregnancy continues, but your doctor is unlikely to prescribe any antibiotics or antihistamine nasal sprays to help clear things up — but inquire if there is anything else he or she suggests instead.
You can safely use saline sprays or nasal strips to alleviate inflammation, particularly if it becomes intolerable. A humidifier in your bed, as well as a dab of petroleum jelly under your nose, will help ease the dryness that comes with congestion.