Pregnancy after 35, the Ins and Outs

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Generally speaking you probably don’t have to go very far to find a woman who has given birth to a child after 35. The age at which women are becoming pregnant is increasing as many couples choose to achieve other goals first. Traditionally 35 and older is considered a high-risk pregnancy but we have to remember that this was coined 30 years ago when women were still smoking and drinking during pregnancy, so I think we can say it’s a little outdated. So, is pregnancy after 35 as risky as some may think???
Granted there are no underlying fertility issues, the average 33-year-old has about an 85 to 90 per cent chance of conceiving within 12 months of trying. This drops to about 70 per cent by the time she reaches 37. However, by the time a woman reaches 40 her chance of achieving a pregnancy is down to around 45 to 50 per cent.
So what can you do to maximise your chances of getting pregnant…
Foody Food Food
The first most obvious step is eating a well balance and nutritious diet. Avoid processed, fatty foods and read up on key supplements that will help your body to function at its best. Forget the Big Macs, and get lots of fruit and veg into your diet. As soon as you start thinking of a baby start taking your folic acid, it really is a imperative you take this.
Give up the Party Lifestyle
Everything you do to and put into your body reflects in every cell within your body. So, if you are something of a party animal its time to ease up on your old party ways. Smoking and alcohol consumption directly impact the health of your body and once you stop you will automatically improve your chances of success.  
Get your butt off the couch
Yep, you heard me – time to start moving. Our bodies and minds function best when we have a good dose of exercise scheduled into our day. Just 20 mins 3 times a week can help you maintain a healthy body and mind, which in turn helps your chances of conception. Yoga or Pilatesare great as you can choose how strenuous you want it to be and you can practice them through your pregnancy.
Check your health out
If you have health issues such as high blood pressure, fibroids, chronic health problems it will be important to work closely with your doctor or midwife. Depending on your condition you may need treatment to maximise your chances of conception as well as extra care during a pregnancy.
Most importantly, remember that having a baby after 35 brings a lot of positive points too. Like perspective, maturity, a developed sense of self and usually more financial security. Many have successfully gone before you and many more will follow, so try not to worry and enjoy this beautiful time.