C Section Recovery - Tried & Tested Tips

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All Mamas need time to recover and heal after delivering a new baba.  And for those who give birth by cesarean delivery, recovery can be a long and sometimes uncomfortable process.

After getting lots of tips and advice from over 40 Mamas who have had C-sections, here are the tried and tested products that worked for them and may help you if you are planning one or end up having one. 

Nursing Pillows:

You'll be quite sore around the incision so it’s important to keep pressure off this area in the first weeks after your cesarean delivery.  Nursing pillows help support your arms at a higher angle while you hold your baby so the baby isn't leaning on your stitches.  The standard U-shaped ones are the ones to go for here (which you may already have from pregnancy to help you sleep) and you'll use them again and again as baby gets bigger as you can use them as a propping up pillow.  They are inexpensive and available from all nurseries and baby stores. 

Maternity Underwear:

Again you'll be really delicate around your stitches and a lot of standard underwear may dig into you which you need to avoid.  So, don’t pack up your maternity underwear just yet!  The accommodating waist on maternity underwear will help protect your incision from chafing in the first few weeks after a C-section.  There are also specially made C-section underwear pieces that avoid your wound area - high waisted postnatal support which have a soft waistband and are higher than your regular briefs to stay clear of tender areas.  Some also have light support and compression which helps with the healing process.

​Healing Cream:

The incision from a section delivery needs a little extra care. Skin serums and creams can help, but follow your doctor’s instructions. You shouldn’t apply anything until you get the go-ahead from your doctor, usually a week or so after delivery. Choose the most natural products as allergic reactions are common with scar-reducing products. Start by applying a small amount to see how your skin reacts.  Check out ones like Nessa Scar Saviour, Dr Organic Vitamin E Scar & Stretch Mark Serum.

Caesarean Belt:

This comes highly recommended so keep in mind if you think you need some extra protection or support - especially if you are a busy mama or already have kids. The Theraline C-Section Belt is designed to protect, support and soothe in the weeks after a caesarean, allowing you to quickly resume daily activities with more confidence.  It comes with 4 inserts to create a bespoke comfort relief by day or night and acts as a lightweight protective shield to guard against accidental bumps. The little pillow can also be heated in the microwave to sooth aches and pains and a cool pack that soothes and relieves swelling.  And not too expensive either which is great!

Handy Helpers:

You've likely seen these products before used by older folk but a Reacher and Grabber is one of those gadgets that could really help you out in the weeks after a section when you are not allowed to lift, reach too far, raise your arms too high or stretch (or do any movement that can pull your lower abdomen).  Mamas recovering from a cesarean need lots of support once they get home. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need but if you are home alone, maybe 'grab' yourself one of these bad boys.  They are available on websites like amazon and eBay for under €10.

This is also a good time to try services like grocery delivery - and maybe keep it up after so you never have to do food shopping again :)  


Hopefully you recover from your C-section speedily, but don't put yourself under pressure until you're ready. We've included links to some of the products mentioned above which are all designed to help you mend and get back on your feet so you can feel like yourself again x