A Casual Pregnancy - Maternity Style Staples


When it comes to casual, day-to-day dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style are key. I’ve been mixing and matching maternity wear with my existing wardrobe. I’ve also been buying normal clothes but going up a size or two depending on the material and style, but have since stopped this. Sometimes just buying larger clothes can make you look bigger than you actually are! Maternity clothes will be fitted in the right places while allowing room for the bump, so they can help you retain a sense of shape. 


Yes, your everyday casual pregnancy looks can be totally comfortable yet totally stylish. Below, I've listed my two favourite pieces that are great for styling up during pregnancy. 


A LBD You Can Wear With Everything


Stephanie Buckley blog maternity the pod collection 2


I love the versatility of this Little Black Dress as I get to change up the look depending on the top or shoes I wear. I have paired it with a crisp white shirt and ballet flats, a stripey tee and trainers but I have to say I love the above look the best - so simple, it's just a white tee and a LBD but its super impactful. I really liked the deep V of the dress as it was really flattering on my 25 week bump. 


The Essential White Tee 


Stephanie Buckley blog maternity the pod collection 3

I love this tee, with a growing baby bump in tow I wanted to be sure bump would get maximum coverage. I had tried so many tees but the fits just weren't right - they were either too short showing off my skin or so oversized across my shoulders and chest that I just felt swamped in them. With a long line tee like this you have options - wear it out skimming over your bump and bum, tuck it in, or tie it in a knot above baby bump - this is a great trick when pairing it with an over the bump skirt.