5 Awesome Gender Reveal Party Games

gender reveal party is a fun, unique way to let friends and family know the sex of your baby and these days there is a lot of emphasis going into these parties -  invitations, balloons, a perfectly decorated cake, silly decorations, food, drinks and of course some fun gender reveal games!Gender Reveal Party Games blog the pod collection 1

We know that it can be overwhelming planning a party, let a lone a gender reveal party, so we have compiled some of the best games to play to get the party started 
This is about as easy as it comes to guessing games! Hand out a sheet of paper to everyone and set the timer for 9 minutes. (since 9 months is the magic number!). Whoever at the time will list the most names is the winner. If you are always at a loss for a baby name, this game is particularly fun because you can pick hundreds of suggestions from the sheets and voila.
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2. #1 NAME
This is one of our favourite gender-reveal games for party ideas! Grab a good chalkboard and write down your dream names for boy or girl. Let your guests chose which one they feel is your preference for #1.
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You already know how this game goes back to your college days, so it's the ultimate Gender Reveal Party Game with a few little twists. Divide the visitors into team blue and team pink, or boys against girls, if you would prefer. Fill some clear plastic cups with a pink or blue punch and see which team can get the most balls into their own cups. You can have the teams stand at opposite ends of the table facing each other, or if you’ve only got a shorter space just have them take turns.
If it’s okay with the mama-to-be, you can also take gender reveal drinking games up a notch with real alcohol. Just be sure to think of who your crowd is and be responsible!
All this game requires is framing that sweet sonogram photo and inviting guests to come guess what the gender is. Leave a list in front of the frame for them to write their names on the side they choose. You can give the winning side a little gift after the reveal.

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This one is pretty straightforward and someone will win a little cash in the end, which always adds an exciting twist. Have a blue and pink bucket out for guests to cast a ballot with their name on it into. After you reveal the gender, you can pull a name from the winning bucket and that person will get the pot of cash.