What's your breastfeeding story?

I’m lucky enough to have just had a second little baba and i'm loving every second of it but yikes is it way tougher than having just one to look after. My older son is two and a quarter, so still needs his mama just as much.

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 My life consists of breastfeeding my newbie Ethan while Scott's attention seeking comes in all forms like climbing on my head, jumping up on my legs to do horsie and make clicking noises, asks me to play lego while feeding, the list goes on…I have never known multi-tasking like it.  On top of all that my fur baby, likes to go in and out of the house every 5 seconds to see if he can find any cats in the back garden (he saw one once, and now thinks there is one out there all the time, he's not the brightest dog in the world).


When Scott was born I unfortunately had to stay in hospital for a week as he decided to arrive early and came out tanned, with a hew of yellow like a gone off fake tan.  But that week gave me the time to get used to having big boobs and a baba that drank from them.  It was a whole new world.  Unexpectedly my milk came in with a bang - my boobs were suddenly the size of two inflatable footballs (coming from me and my smallies). And they were solid. As. A. Rock. You could deflect bullets with these bad boys. Plus the added bonus… they hurt.  I never wanted to squeeze my boobs as much and I’ll never forget the pain of it.  I couldn’t wait for Scott to be hungry again to deflate them a little.
One of the first days, the nurse had mentioned to me to squeeze a little milk out at first with my hands… after a few slightly harder squeezes, my milk squirted out in several directions, all over the place.  Luckily the curtains in the hospital were drawn and it was only me and my husband there.  He had never experienced anything like it and was like ‘is that normal?’ with a slight look of disgust and shock on his face. I was laughing away, but freaking out too because now the ducts have opened and my precious milk is leaking everywhere.
Anyway, back to the present, I had forgotten all about the lonely night feeds, the feeding during dinner thereby having to eat with 1 hand, the piggy noises my baba makes when he gets hungry and latches on.  I ADORE the piggy noises. Adore them! They are snorts and grunts but the sound of gratification is just amazing…but in public I’m not gona lie, it’s a little awkward.  I’m currently sitting here with a breast pump stuck onto me while I type this blog.  Sexy.  I’m pumping as I’ve been invited to an event next week and can’t go unless I can leave my husband something to feed with. But the bonuses far outweigh the drawbacks. The bonus of not having to worry about sterilizing and heating of bottles but even more so the weight loss (600 hundred calories a day!).  
Breastfeeding is a truly incredible thing and I’m very lucky to be able to do it. The fact that I can nourish and grow my babies entirely from my own body is amazing.  But let’s be honest, breastfeeding can also be hilarious, awkward, and loud, like my little piglet.