Pregnancy & Reflexology

Reflexology can give you a real boost when you’re pregnant. Helping your body to rebalance itself as it changes throughout each trimester.

An extremely relaxing treatment for both mother and baby to enjoy, expectant mothers absolutely love reflexology, finding enjoyment, relaxation and relief of many symptoms throughout their pregnancy. It gives you a space to truly connect with your baby, as you’re both receiving the treatment.

Reflexology is recommended by Holles Street Maternity Hospital, Dublin & many hospitals worldwide.

It’s non invasive, really beneficial to both you and your baby and it’s safe at any stage of pregnancy, although I’d recommend receiving treatments during the 2nd & 3rd trimesters.


Benefits include relief of:

  • hormonal & emotional imbalances
  • back aches
  • sciatica
  • nausea & morning sickness
  • swelling
  • symphysis pubis
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • leg cramps
  • general discomfort
  • stress/anxiety


Here are my 5 top reflex tips for you to work on yourself throughout your pregnancy - you can work on your own hands, or have your partner or a friend work on your feet!

(These tips are based on the most common pregnancy symptoms that I come across in my practice).


Pregnancy Reflexology blog the pod collection 2

Massage these points, using slightly firm pressure, work each hand/foot for about 2-3 minutes a few times a day to help feel more grounded and connected. Work more often if needed. This also helps to balance emotions and aid sleep & relaxation.

Pregnancy Reflexology blog the pod collection 3 

Massage points on both hands/feet using firm pressure, for 2-3 minutes or more. Do this a few times a day.

 Pregnancy Reflexology blog the pod collection 4

Using firm pressure, or what ever is comfortable for you, spend about 5 minutes on each hand/foot, working into these points, it’ll help to stimulate movement in the lower digestive tract.


Pregnancy Reflexology blog the pod collection 5

As this is a bony area, work more gently. This can also be very beneficial for helping to reduce oedema in the hands and legs. Elevating your limbs also helps with this.

 Pregnancy Reflexology blog the pod collection 6 

Using a slightly firm pressure, spend a few minutes working into these areas, a few times a day, again, work your two hands or feet.


Using these reflex points, along with a healthy, balanced lifestyle and taking good care of yourself can contribute to easing the symptoms. 

When looking for a therapist nearby, be sure to find yourself a qualified Ante Natal Reflexologist, as we are specifically trained to work with expectant mothers.

As a registered and insured practitioner & a qualified Ante Natal Reflexologist, you can find me on Instagram & Facebook “West Kerry Reflexology” where you’ll find some more snippets of information. DM for enquiries or for more specific reflex advice.

Neasa O Connor X