Feeling Tired - 5 top tips for maintaining energy during Pregnancy

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1. Choose the Right Foods

Sometimes you won’t be able to resist with those strong cravings you might have, but try to avoid the short term sugary treats when you have baba on board. You may feel good for a little while but it won’t last and then you will crash and feel worse for it.  You’ll be sick of hearing it but fresh fruit, vegetables and a healthy balanced diet are best for long lasting energy.

The really, really good foods are these bad boys:

Bananas -  Firstly, they are a great source of vitamin B6 (which helps with morning sickness), fibre, vitamin C and potassium. A banana can provide energy quickly. They are so handy, just pop one in your handbag as a handy snack during the day.  Bananas also contain natural sugars and a special element called Tryptophan which quickly converts into serotonin (the feel good hormone).  So as well as being extremely good for you, its proven bananas make you happy!
Spinach - It’s well known that spinach is good for you but when pregnant it also contains some essential things you need.  It’s packed with folate which, as we know, is required in early pregnancy important for the development of baba. The leafy greens also have loads of iron, which can drop during pregnancy,  so as well as being super healthy for you spinach will even perk you up when you're feeling tired.
Quinoa - As an alternative to pasta or potatoes, quinoa is a complex carb that keeps your blood sugar levels nice and balanced—meaning your energy levels won't start to flag and you’ll have more for longer after eating. It’s also extremely versatile, mix it up with other tasty vegetables and seeds during meal times or on the side of your usual dinner to avoid the slump.


2. Drink Water

You naturally might feel more thirsty when pregnant so try and keep up or increase your intake of water - aim for 2 litres a day as a minimum.  It not only helps keep your energy levels up, as dehydration will leave you feeling tired and worn out, but lots of water will add to that natural pregnancy glow too!  Win-win. If you struggle to drink a lot of the stuff you could add a little slice of lime or lemon or a small bit of natural cordial (but make sure it’s a small amount as they contain sugars)


3. Exercise

Although you may feel more tired and you may think that exercise will make you more tired but it will actually have the opposite effect and increase those natural endorphins which will in turn give you a little boost when your feeling tired or low.  If you have a pregnant friend, arrange a walk a couple of times a week, try prenatal yoga which has so many benefits including helping with your breathing, take gentle swims or simply stretch out your limbs when at home in the evenings. All these are little things that will help not only your energy levels but also keep your muscles strong and supple during your pregnancy.


4. Manage your Stress 

Sometimes, stress can be good.

Seriously. It helps to motivate and get us chasing dreams. It can even boost your immune system and sharpen your focus, but only to a point. Too much of anything is never good. Significant stress can cause lasting damage on your body and increase your feelings of exhaustion. Finding your go to stress-relieving activity is a lifesaver. This applies well beyond the duration of your pregnancy. 

Try some of these highly rated stress busters 

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Walk in Nature
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditate
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal 

5. Keep Doing What You Do!

Meeting friends, laughing, exercising, doing all the things you loved doing before you got pregnant are all things that you should try to keep doing.  They will keep your spirit up (when your hormones may be playing havoc with your mood), they will boost your energy levels in the most natural and fun way and help keep your sense of self.